Next training sessions

Location Training Dates
Rome HACCP TS12 02-06 Feb 2015
Valencia HACCP TS13 16-20 Feb 2015
Lyon HACCP TS14 02-06 March 2015
Rome HACCP TS15 16-20 March 2015
Rome HACCP TS16 23-27 March 2015
Budapest HACCP TS17 20-24 April 2015
Valencia HACCP TS18 11-15 May 2015
Brussels HACCP TS19 01-05 June 2015

General Information

The aim of the training courses in Work Package 3 is firstly to allow participants to deepen their knowledge of the UE legislation, which is the basis for official control and risk assessment, as well as for their interpretation. In addition to this, the current need to harmonise monitoring plans of contaminants in member countries will be handled thoroughly. At the end of the training session, each participant will be able to use the information, tools and methods that enable to maintain and improve the control system implemented on contaminants in feed and food.

In order to ensure that this goal is reached, the legislations of food and feed contaminants will be presented. Topics that are particularly relevant will be carefully discussed in detail; these include maximum levels, other risk management methods and enforcements, sampling, analysis and data interpretation, as well as accreditation and quality requirements, HACCP principles, guidance documents, risk assessments and recommendations for occurrence data collection will further clarify the roles of national authorities, the Commission and EFSA.

This training activity is mainly addressed to staff of competent authorities involved in official controls of contaminants in food and feed.

It will be 15 three – day – training sessions in Berlin, Prague and Rome.

Training Courses Calendar

Location Training Dates
Rome, Italy WP3 TS01 04/06/2013 to 07/06/2013
Berlin, Germany WP3 TS02 25/06/2013 to 28/06/2013
Rome, Italy WP3 TS03 17/09/2013 to 20/09/2013
Prague, Czech Republic WP3 TS04 08/10/2013 to 11/10/2013
Berlin, Germany WP3 TS05 22/10/2013 to 25/10/2013
Berlin, Germany WP3 TS06 19/11/2013 to 22/11/2013
Rome, Italy WP3 TS07 10/12/2013 to 13/12/2013
Prague, Czech Republic WP3 TS08 11/02/2014 to 14/02/2014
Rome, Italy WP3 TS09 11/03/2014 to 14/03/2014
Rome, Italy WP3 TS10 08/04/2014 to 11/04/2014
Prague, Czech Republic WP3 TS11 06/05/2014 to 09/05/2014
Berlin, Germany WP3 TS12 03/06/2014 to 06/06/2014
Prague, Czech Republic WP3 TS13 24/06/2014 to 27/06/2014
Prague, Czech Republic WP3 TS14 09/09/2014 to 12/09/2014
Berlin, Germany WP3 TS15 07/10/2014 to 10/10/2014